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Welcome to The Developmental Learning Centre.

My name is Rosemary Murphy and alongside being a mother, wife and teacher, I am the founder of the Developmental Learning Centre. I began my career path at the tender age of 4 when I entered a small primary school as their youngest pupil. From the first day I loved school so much that I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up!

I trained as a teacher at Waikato University and began my first job in 1970 teaching a delightful class of 7 year olds in the Far North. As the years passed by I moved out of classroom teaching and specialised in the remediation of children with learning difficulties. However, not content with the ‘What’ of learning difficulties, I found myself asking more and more the ‘Why’ question. This led me to a three year course of study with The Institute for Learning Difficulties, gaining my Grad. Dip. in Educational Studies (Learning Difficulties) in 2003.

I started working with Developmental Movement Therapy and Auditory Retraining Therapy from a small spare room of a school in 2000. Before long, I was receiving referrals from other schools and my waiting list became so long, I needed to find another practitioner and a new space. A brainstorming, mind-mapping session resulted in my vision: A child friendly, dedicated centre for children with learning difficulties where they could receive the help they needed.

My husband came on board with my vision and together we looked for a suitable house to purchase to make this dream come true. The Tauranga Developmental Learning Centre was established in 2005 in a lovely old family home.

Since then, we have set over 1000 children free from the sadness and frustration caused by learning difficulties. We welcome you to join us so that we can help you and your child on a journey to a brighter future.

Rosemary Murphy, Founder of Developmental Learning Centre


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