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Natural, holistic therapies to treat your child's difficulties

Following the ASSESS and IDENTIFY stages of our unique 3-step approach, we will TREAT the underlying causes of your child’s difficulties by designing a theraputic programme unique to their needs. We specialise in two therapies at the Developmental Learning Centre:


Developmental Movement Therapy (Extra Lesson TM )

Central to this therapy is the idea that learning and behavioural difficulties are a result of developmental issues in a child’s early years. This means the neural pathways and faculties needed for learning to be easeful do not fully develop and the child is not ready to learn. By repeating early childhood movement patterns, we are able to ‘rewire’ the brain to rebuild the pathways for success

Discover more about Developmental Movement Therapy and how it supports children with learning and behavioural difficulties.


Auditory Retraining Therapy (Integrated Listening Systems)

This therapy uses filtered music to mature the pathways in the brain needed to recognise different sounds when reading and spelling and to process spoken language quickly and efficiently. Music therapy is also used to treat children who are easily overwhelmed, hypersensitive and anxious, and have difficulty regulating their emotions.

Discover more about Auditory Retraining Therapy and how it supports children with learning and behavioural difficulties.

 Why choose the Developmental Learning Centre?

A Holistic Approach
Every aspect of the child is taken into account including physical, emotional, social and intellectual and therapies used are holistic and multi- sensory. Read about our natural therapies.

A Wealth of Experience
Our therapists have decades of teaching and clinical experience between them and are educated to post graduate level to ensure your child is getting the best support. Meet our experienced team.

A Real Support Network
Our team are aware of the challenges families face and offer on-going support and encouragement every step of the way. Find out how we support families.

A Warm Environment
Our centres are warm and nurturing environments that put children at ease so they can make the most of their therapy. Discover our locations.

A Lasting Solution
Our therapies are proven to work for children with learning and behavioural difficulties helping them achieve success in learning and in life. Discover the real stories of children we have helped throughout New Zealand overcome difficulties:


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