A diagnosis of autism is perhaps the most difficult a parent can face

But recent research in the USA has shown that many autistic children respond well to Bone Conduction Listening Therapy. This type of sound therapy is easier for oversensitive autistic children to listen to, and this frequency band has a calming effect.

Jeremy is an autistic child who we've helped

Jeremy was brought to us by his mother when he was 4 because:

  • He would often repeat instructions given but did not carry them out
  • His speech was very unclear
  • He had poor social skills and appeared to be in a world of his own
  • He could barely hold a pencil and was drawing at a 2-3 year old developmental level
  • At home he was having frequent meltdowns and crying spells
  • He was afraid of the sound of running water and would not go to the toilet on his own
  • At kindergarten he required a teacher aid, would often get easily frustrated and confused in social situations

We put Jeremy on a programme of bone conducted, filtered music, beginning with a gentle introduction using low frequency band classical music. 

While he was listening, we also engaged him in a simple movement programme using his sense of balance, touch, and vision.

These activities helped to develop efficient pathways in Jeremy’s brain.

And here are the results

  • Jeremy soon lost his fear of running water and began to use the toilet at kindergarten.
  • Jeremy began to talk to more people he did not know.
  • Jeremy began to write his name and recognise letters. 

His mother now reports Jeremy no longer needs a teacher aid, is focusing well, following instructions and keeping up with the other children in his class.

His social skills, while still delayed, are improving and his behaviour is very good.

His parents are delighted and Jeremy is now a different boy. 

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