During my years as a primary teacher, I gradually became aware of the children in my classes who did not seem to learn as easily or as quickly as others. 

And while it's easy to put this difference down to variations in IQ, I began to notice that many of these children were not in fact lacking in intelligence. 

  • Some were great at maths but struggled when it came to reading/spelling
  • Others were competent readers but simply could not grasp mathematics
  • Some could read well but had great difficulty writing
  • Some had trouble sitting still and were constantly fidgeting
  • Others were clumsy and struggled with games (e.g. catching a ball, learning to skip)
  • Some distracted other children and disrupted my well planned lessons! 

Is your son or daughter similar to any of the children above?

Learning should in fact be easy, because...

  • Children are naturally curious about the world around them
  • Kid's love to play, explore and experiment (and that's what learning is!)

When learning is not enjoyable or becomes a daily struggle, then something is amiss - and that's where I come in. 

My journey has led me out of the classroom and into remedial education, where I now help primary school children overcome learning difficulties.

Would you like to get help for your son or daughter?

Call me (Rosemary) at the clinic on 0800 543 399 or simply contact us to enquire about an initial assessment for your child.