Dear Parents,

I am passionate about helping children with learning difficulties to overcome these difficulties as much as possible. I am also passionate about helping parents recognize the early signs of these learning difficulties should they appear in their children so that they can access the most appropriate help as early as possible.

There have been many great advances in the area of neuro-physiological research over the past 20 years as researchers and educators have investigated the development and functioning of the brain. This research has helped therapists and teachers to understand more clearly some of the underlying causes of such difficulties.

Perhaps the most exciting discovery for parents and educators is the fact that most learning difficulties are caused by underlying developmental immaturities in the child’s learning “equipment”. These immaturities may be caused by the child missing a crucial stage of developmental movement in the first year of life, such as crawling, or by being passed down through the family tree (an uncle or grandfather who had trouble learning at school).

Either way, because the child’s brain is still growing and forming it is entirely possible to revisit the activities and movement patterns of very early childhood, which should have formed this learning “equipment” in the first place, and re-lay the pathways, bridges and connections needed for learning to be easy.

Over the coming months I plan to discuss some of these learning difficulties such as generalised underachievement, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , Oppositional Defiance Disorders, Sensory Integration Disorders (including Aspergers Syndrome), and other autistic Spectrum Disorders. I will also direct you to a variety of resources where you can find support and help for your child and your family.

Every child has the right to reach their full potential as a learner and as such take their true place in society in an occupation which they can feel passionate about.

Yours truly,

Rosemary Murphy
B.ED., Dip Tchg., Grad. Dip. LD