Career Opportunties

Career Opportunities

Listening Therapist - Tauranga – Part-Time (Working up to More Hours)

About the Developmental Learning Centre (DLC)
The DLC was established by Rosemary Murphy over 12 years ago to provide expertise in learning and behavioural difficulties. We are committed to addressing the underlying causes of learning difficulties such as ADHD/ADD, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Disorders. We use Auditory Retraining Therapy and Developmental Movement Therapy to treat children using 100% natural and holistic approaches.
Job Description: Part-Time Listening Therapist 
We are looking for an Educator, Psychologist or Therapeutic Professional to join our team of therapists in Tauranga as our Auditory Retraining Therapist. This is an opportunity to make a real difference using holistic, drug-free therapies for children struggling with learning difficulties.
This is a great opportunity to train in a growing area. Auditory Retraining Therapy, or Sound Therapy, uses filtered music to mature the pathways in the brain needed to recognise different sounds when reading and spelling, and to process spoken language quickly and efficiently. Auditory Retraining Therapy is also used to treat children with behavioural difficulties, who are easily overwhelmed, hypersensitive and anxious, and have difficulty regulating their emotions. 
You will be performing a variety of tasks, including the use of audio technology, while providing therapy to children with a range of learning and behavioural difficulties.
This will start out as a part-time (20 hours+) position in our Tauranga clinic with the desire to build up to more hours in the future. 
Training and on-going mentoring in this specialised field will be provided. You will be part of our greater team of committed and exceptional therapists.
You will need…
A degree in education, psychology, occupational therapy or other associated field
Experience working with children 
Maturity and emotional intelligence to deal with clients, families, therapists and staff in a sensitive and professional manner
To be respectful and compassionate
To have good time management skills
To have a calming and reassuring manner
Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
Strong ethics
To be confident and self-directed in a sole charge position
Excellent report writing skills with a reasonable understanding of Word and Excel
Accuracy and attention to detail
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If this job is of interest to you please e-mail us your CV and cover letter by clicking here. If you have any questions please contact us on 0800 543 399.

Are you a tertiary qualified health, education or therapeutic professional?

Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of children struggling with learning difficulties or are you looking for additional tools to use in your work with children?
Would you like to have the professional and business support available to Developmental Learning professionals?

iLs Practitioner Training Course (PTC)

This course is designed for professionals working with children and adults in the areas of learning & attention difficulties, sensory integration, auditory processing and the autism spectrum.
Registration Criteria: undergraduate degree or equivalent in health care, education or other related area. Requests for exceptions to this criterium are considered on an individual basis.

To register for a course, contact us or visit our Facebook events page

Course Content & Objectives

  • Understanding the key elements that inform iLs methodology
  • Reviewing relevant neuro-anatomy of the ear, brain and nervous system
  • Hands-on practicum for the auditory, visual and balance components of iLs
  • Discussion of iLs’ music processing and program design
  • Case study practice in combining programs and individualizing iLs
  • Review of clinical assessment tools for program selection (clinicians)
  • Integrating iLs into a clinical practice or school setting, including home use

Extra Lesson Training Course

Auckland, New Zealand, starting July 2016

(This training is at a post graduate level. A relevant professional qualification e.g. education, nursing, OT... is a prerequisite).

Do you work with children and adolescents with learning and behavioural difficulties?

This training course will provide you with the skills and understanding to work from a holistic developmental perspective to assist children with learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD.

This is a 3 year part time course with 2 workshops per year in Auckland.

For more information contact us